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Youth Contact (6-18)
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Age Grade Registration: Step by Step Guide for Parents
Ahead of the new season, the RFU have introduced an online mechanism for Parents to create an account for
themselves and their child and submit a player registration request to a club. The following guide outlines the
simple steps that you need to take to submit a registration request on behalf of your child for the upcoming season.

Step 1: Enter Parent Details

The club you wish to join will make available a ‘create account’ link; this is unique to that particular club.
Access this link and enter your details. At this point, you can also select how many children you would like to create an account for.

Step 2: Create Username & Password and Enter Communication Preferences
Once you have entered your personal details, you will be asked to enter a username and create a password. We suggest that your e-mail address acts as a good username. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, must contain an upper case character and a number. You can view the GMS Terms and
Conditions of Use and have the opportunity to opt in to receiving communication from the RFU and its partners.

Step 3: Enter Child Details
You will now be asked to enter the details of the child that you wish to create an account for; this child will be linked to your account once the account has been created. You can denote the relationship the child has with you by using the ‘relationship to you’ pick list at the top of the page. The address of the child will be pre-populated with that of the parent account you have created. Also on this page is the area where you pick the school that the child attends
and importantly where you can select the reason for the account creation.

Step 4: Summary
Once you have created each record, you will be presented with a summary page. At this point you have the option to edit the accounts you are creating or add further accounts. Once you are happy, simply choose confirm.
Step 5: Confirmation
Your account has now been created at the club and the registration request sent to the club registrar for action. You will be presented with an account confirmation page advising you of how to validate your email address and complete your part of the Age Grade registration process.

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